Overall Goal Promotion of peace by contributing on reduction of violation of peace and human rights for sustainable peace, justice and development through promoting conflict prevention, analysis and resolution as well as economic empowerment for effective engagement in peace building and poverty reduction to contribute to harmony and development in the country.

Major Programmes: PLAJC operates with six main programmatic areas namely:

  • Programme 1: Advocacy, Research, Consulting and Policy analysis.
  • Programme 2: Capacity strengthening on organizational ability to achieve our vision for institutional sustainability.
  • Programme 3: Conflicts prevention, resolution and peace building.
  • Programme 4: Promotion of inclusion democracy, community participation and civic education.
  • Programme 5: Human rights, good governance, legal education and legal aid.
  • Programme 6: Communities economic empowerment for sustainable peace

PLAJC is affiliation: The organization, PLAJC is affiliated to. Among of the networks are; Legal And Human Rights Center (LHRC),Tanzania Human Rights Defenders Advocating for Peace, Social Justice and Sustainable development Coalition (THRDC), Tanzania Child Rights Forum (TCRF) The International City of Peace (ICP) as an international organization, Tanzania, Tanzania Network Of Legal Aid Providers ( TANLAP) . Tanzania Paralegal’s Network (TAPANET) and action aid Tanzania in Dodoma as well as PLAJC has PARTNERS, Among of the partners collaborate and supports PLAJC’s initiatives include; The Foundation for Civil Society (FCS), Datashift Tanzania, Ministry of Community Development, Gender, Elderly and Children (MoHCDEC) of Tanzania, Commission of Human Rights and Good Governance of Tanzania, LGAs, Legal Aid Secretariat (LAS) Collaborations, Local and individual contributions


PLAJC Experience: PLAJC has managed advocacy and protection of human rights violation through provision of legal aid services, conflict resolution and peace building interventions facilitate establishment of Peace Committee and peace clubs. These interventions were pursued to protect women and girls from gender-based violence, promote rule of law and democratic participation through civic education, election monitoring, organizing sports for health rallies whereby peace dialogues were held at community level. The organization also hosted several empowerment activities for women and youth as well as conducted surveys on conflicts and child rights. PLAJC has participated in a number of advocacy activities and it is increasingly being used as a host advocacy organization to pursuing agenda in Parliament.

PLAJC’s Plan is to focus on our work over the first five years on five key result areas (KRAs) as follows:

  1. Improved organisation performance and sustainability Peace Stakeholders  with efficiently engaging in promotion of peace and development  as per PLAJC’s Vision