Currently the organization has its own house and keys at its head office in Dar es Salaam.  Another office is located at Kinondoni near Kinondoni Biafra as well as an   office building in Arusha. The offices are well furnished with working equipments and facilities. Having own house and enough working space  enables LHRC to be sustainable in its work due to good working environment, tools and the stability that comes with having a roof over one’s head.

Evolution of LHRC

It has a mission of empowering the people of Tanzania, so as to promote, reinforce and safeguard human rights and good governance in the country. The broad objective is to create legal and human rights awareness among the public and in particular the underprivileged section of society through legal and civic education, advocacy linked with legal aid provision, research and human rights monitoring.

Broad Objective

For the LHRC to be able to forge its way in the realisation of its mission, it has a broad objective of creating legal and human rights awareness and empowerment among the general public and, in particular, the underprivileged sections of the society through legal and civic education, advocacy, research, follow up of human rights abuses and provision of legal aid.